The Great Vacation Giveaway

This contest provides you with an opportunity to donate to our association with a tax deductible donation while also helping out our non profit programs geared towards advocacy, education and vacation rental awareness programs. 

Take part at this years Xtravaganza in Orlando!

Buy 1 or more playing cards from our deck and if your card (or cards) are chosen on May 15th you could "WIN" a magnificent vacation rental home stay. These vacations make great gifts for deserving employee bonuses, family member gifts, and more...

**DISCLAIMER: This is a fundraiser and is solely intended for that purpose. This is not a gambling event.**

The Great Vacation Giveaway Rules

Need not be present to win, but you do need to be present if you want to pick your vacation as we draw the cards. Otherwise we will assign the winning vacation stay at the end of the drawing. 

Cash, check or credit cards accepted. You can buy playing cards at the registration area, during the May 14th & 15th receptions and during announcements. 

The Great Vacation Giveaway Donors