Nominations Open

Nominate your top 40 for the over and under awards.

This year the 2018 Xtravaganza recognizes the top industry leaders and our Xtravaganza participants. 

2 awards will be determined on a peer to peer voting basis by Xtravaganza attendees and exhibitors. 

Award # 1 - Best Booth Presentation. Judged upon theme, presentation and engagement with attendees.

Award # 2 - Best Theatre presentation or General Session presenter. Attendees vote by ballot on presentation and content that each speaker delivers. 

Awards For Our Industry's Top Talent

The over and under 40 awards. We recognize the top Industry Movers and Shakers. 

​Do you have an employee or business owner that is an over achiever? Nominate them for recognition. 

Under 40
Awards will be given to industry professionals who have made an impact in the vacation rental industry under the age of 40. They can be from any aspect of the industry as a vendor or property manager. Nominees that have made a mark in the industry in a short amount of time by service, commitment, innovation, guest services, etc

Over 40

Awards given to an industry professional over 40 years of age and based upon years of service and commitment, contributions, involvement, those that have made a mark in the vacation rental industry, years of service, etc. 

Nominations are open

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